Portal Communications generally receive a reply, within 2-3 business days.  
If there is an emergency, please call 911.


Dr. Pamela Peak is unavailable starting at Nov 18 4 PM, through Nov 27. 

COVID-19 Info:
Like many offices, we resumed in-person appointments. Hoping to curb the spread to keep the most vulnerable from catching Covid, we still ask that everyone wear a face mask and not have any symptoms that are included in Covid Questionnaires that are commonly in use.   Fortunately, replacing some in-person appointments with Virtual (video) TeleHealth (like Skype) is also an option.  We will continue to offer Phone-Call appointments and Portal Responses, as applicable, all at usual rates as well.

Dr. Dallas will be traveling from July 5th through the 20th for summer vacation. 
Dr. Pamela will be travelling from July 26 through Aug 3.

You may request appointments with Dr.s Peak via this portal.   Click on "Request an Appointment" in the menu on the Right-Hand side of this page.  Select your doctor, then your Appointment  type, then the date/time of appointment.  Be sure you have completed the needed forms already.  Your appointment request will be reviewed, and either approved with a confirmation email, or declined with explanation sent back to you.

Appointment requests must be submitted at least 3-4 business days in advance to assure adequate time to prepare for your visit.  Please be sure you have completed the required forms &/or questionnaires that are needed 3-4 business days in advance for each visit.  If you are unsure, just message us and ask which ones are needed.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please use the Appointments section in your Patient Portal.  The Cancellation and Refund policy is listed in your document called "Patient Guide", in the Documents section of your Portal.

Currently our calendar extends through the end of this quarter.
Available times will be updated for the upcoming quarter as soon as possible. 
Thank you for your understanding!

Due to the increasing number of patients in our growing practice, we have now implemented the Portal Inquiry Policy within the Electronic Health Record starting Dec 15, 2019.

Please read this new Policy, which pertains to all patient inquiries and requests sent through the secure portal.


Due to the increasing number of electronic communications, and in order for you to receive a response in a timely manner, please limit your messages to: 

• Questions about a medication, supplement, or diagnostic test recommended by a clinician; 

• Requests to refill a medication prescription (Refill fees apply)

• Possible side effects of a treatment; 

• Responses to a question from a clinician; or, 

• Notes concerning scheduling, canceling, or changing an appointment. 

Your question should be brief, concise, and, ideally, answerable with a “yes” or “no.” 

Requests for adjustments/changes to supplement or medications must be done with an appointment, or via your Portal with charges, as both time for medical decision making and chart review and pharmacy communication is involved; as of 2020-03-24.

Requests for Rx refills outside of an appointment also incur charges for the same reasons.

If your questions or concerns are beyond the scope described above, and/or require more time and attention, you will be asked to schedule an appointment with your clinician, dedicated to that topic.  As mentioned in your Patient Guide form, the most recent updates are online at our website:  www.icfmed.com/     

An exhaustive list of charges cannot be provided in this information box.

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